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Volos Municipality archive finding aid

Archive summary

Reference code: ARCH M
Title: Volos Municipality Archive
Dates: 1882 - 1982
Level of description: Fonds
Extent and medium of the unit: 1110 files and 487 books
Name of creator: Volos Municipality
Access facility Volos Municipal Center for History and documentation
Language/scripts of the material: Greek

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The Municipality of Volos was founded with the Royal Charter of March 31st, 1883 (Official Journal of the Greek Government, paper 126) and was named Municipality of Pagasae until 1954. The first elected municipal authority assumed duty in June 1883. During the transitional period that intervened between the affiliation of Volos with the Greek state (1881) and the first municipal elections, the Civil Council that had been administrating the city since 1878 remained in power, the Mayor being Georgios Kartalis, who is the first elected Mayor.

The first meeting of the above council was held on March 17th 1882 while its first decision concerned the determination of indirect municipal taxation.

According to law ΠΜ'(8040/1882), concerning “the constitution of municipalities in the newly annexed territories”, the constitution of the new municipalities would follow the law of December 27th 1883 concerning the constitution of municipalities. The Municipality of Pagasae was initially classified as a second-class municipality according to its population, (more than 2.000 inhabitants). The municipal authority consisted of the Mayor, who was the executive authority, and the Civil Council, which numbered 12 members and played a consultative part. The municipal authority was elected every four years by direct and general voting. The Civil Council elected, among its members, two adjuncts that were unsalaried assistants of the Mayor, the President and the Registrar who had the responsibility of keeping the minutes book.

In 1891, the Municipality of Pagasae was classified as a first class municipality (more than 10.000 inhabitants), the Civil Council increased by six members, became 18-membered, and the adjuncts by two. According to law ΔΝΖ'(4057)/1912 concerning the constitution of municipalities and communes, the Municipality of Pagasae was classified as a second-class municipality. (More than 30.000 inhabitants) The Civil Council was the sovereign body of the Municipality and it consisted of 24 members. It elected the President, the Vice President and a 5-member Civil Board among its members, by secret vote.

From 1883 until 1933, when the last pre-war municipal elections were held, the municipal authorities were elected every four years, as the legislation decreed. The only exception has been the period of the Balkan Wars, when the tenure of the governing municipal authorities was extended for three more years instead of holding an election in 1911, due to the war and the forthcoming changes in the civic legislation. Furthermore, as reported in the newspapers of that period, from 1917 to 1920, the Municipality was administrated by an Executive Committee, which had the public ‘s approval. However Kostis Glavanis, re-elected in the election of 1914, remained the city s Mayor.

The tenure of the last, elected in 1933 municipal authority of the pre-war period was extended for another year until the Metaxas government nominated an Executive Committee, which, with several changes in terms of its members, remained at the administration of the Municipality until the city ‘s liberation from the German occupation army in October 1944. In total, up until the war, eleven elected and three non-elected municipal authorities took over the administration of the Municipality of Pagasae. Other than Georgios Kartalis (1883-1891) and Nikolaos Georgiadis (1899-1907), who were elected for two consecutive quadrenniums and Kostas Glavanis, who had the biggest longevity as he maintained this post for seventeen years (1908-1925), each one of the remaining elected mayors exercised his duties for a quadrennium.

The Metaxas government nominated Executive Committees to the Municipalities (law 472/23.2.1937), while with mandatory law (15.6.1937), it indefinitely postponed the municipal elections. A seven member Executive Committee that took office in July of 1938 with Nikolaos Saratsis as president was nominated at the municipality of Pagasae. Nikolaos Saratsis remained at his post as the Mayor during the occupation governments. He was replaced a few months before the liberation. During the transitional period of the first months after the liberation – from October 1944 to February 1945- a committee of representatives of the bodies with Ioannis Kontaratos as the Mayor took on the direction of the Municipality.

Zisis Zisakis was a government - appointed Mayor from 1946 to 1950. With Royal Decree on May 1947 (29/5/1945 Official Journal of the Greek Government, Paper 103 Α'), the refugee district of Nea Ioania, founded in 1924, became the second Municipality of the urban complex.

The first elections of the post war period were held in 1951. (29/5/1945 Official Journal of the Greek Government, Paper 103 Α') The municipal authorities’ elections during the post-war period followed the unstable political climate of the period. Until 1967, elected mayors were Kontostanos Geogios (1951/6-1955/2), Kartalis Georgios (1955/2-1956/1), Klapsopoulos Theodoros (1956/4-1959/5 & 1964/8-1967/8) and Kontaratos Ioannis (1959/5-1964/8).

In 1954 (Civil Council decision 109/26.2.1954), the Municipality of Pagasae was renamed as Municipality of Volos. The first elected Mayor after the change of political regime was Klapsopoulos Theodoros, who assumed duty in March 1975. Kountouris Michalis (1978-1990 and 1998-2000), Pitsioris Dimitis (1990-1998) followed and Mitrou Kyriakos from 2000 up to now. The Civil Council consists of 31 elected members. (Presidential Decree 323/1989).


Kartalis, Georgios (1881-1891)

Topalis, Alexandros (1891-1895)

Argyris (Hatziargyris), Ioannis K. (1895-1899)

Georgiadis, Nikolaos (1899-1907)

Kartalis, Ioannis (1907-1908)

Glavanis, Kostantinos (1908-1925)

Spyridis, Spyros (1925-1929)

Kartalis, Kostantinos (1929-1933)

Antonopoulos, Ioannis (1933-1934)

Spyridis, Kostantinos (1934-1938)

Saratsis, Nikolaos (1938-1944)

Papasakellariou, Thrasivoulos (1944/5-1944/10)

Kontaratos, Ioannis (1944/10 - 1945/1)

Papageorgiou Nikolaos (1945/2 - 1945/10)

Kontostantos, Georgios (1945/10-1946/5 )

Zisakis Zisis (1946-1950)

Tzikas, Theophilos (1950/8 - 1950/9)

Daras, Kostantinos (1950/9-1951/1)

Vougas, Panagiotis (1951/1 - 1951/5)

Kontostanos, Georgios (1951-1955)

Kartalis, Georgios (1955/2-1956/1)

Stournaras, Aristidis (1956)

Klapsopoulos, Theodoros (1956-1959)

Kontaratos, Ioannis (1959-1964)

Klapsopoulos, Theodoros (1964-1967 )

Saros, Georgios (1967-1972)

Kalousis, Ioannis (1972-1973)

Papathanasiou, Apostolos (1973-1974)

Tsiamis, Dimitrios (1974-1975 )

Klapsopoulos, Theodoros (1975-1978)

Kountouris, Michalis (1979-1990)

Pitsioris, Dimitris (1991-1998)

Kountouris, Michalis (1999/1-1999/6)

Mitrou, Kyriakos (1999-2006)

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The material mainly includes files, official books, photos and designs, concerning the activity of three basic Volos Municipality services:

The Direction of Administrative Services and the Offices of the Municipality Director, the Municipal Roll and the Recruitment.

the Direction of Economic Services and the Offices of Accounting, Cashier, Procurement, Revenue

and the Municipality of Volos’s Technical Department.

It also includes material concerning the Civil Council Secretariat’s Office of the Municipality and the Mayor’s Office.

Various insertions of material were found to have been made, concerning other departments of the Municipality, such as the OGA (Agricultural Insurances Organization) Correspondent’s Office, the Watering and Cleaning Public Utility Services.

Finally, it includes material concerning the communes annexed to the Municipality of Volos during the 1980 decade, which are, specifically, the Agios Georgios Baksedon (commune), New Pagasae (commune), and Aghia Paraskevi (commune) archives.

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Administrative information

Conservation history of the unit

The biggest part of the Municipality of Volos’s archives were stored in the City Hall basement, except for the Civil Council’s minutes books and resolutions, which were administered by the Civil Council Secretariat’s Office. Frequent basement floods have destroyed a big part of the material, while humidity and low temperature have caused serious damages in other parts. As the Municipal Centre for History and Documentation was established in 1991, the Centre was entrusted by the Municipality of Volos with the recording, filing, conservation, preservation of the Municipality of Volos’s historical archive, as well as with the organization of the researchers’ access to the municipal archives.

Archive acquisition record

In 1992 the Municipal Centre for History and Documentation organised the first pick up and transportation of a part of the municipal archives, from the City Hall basement to its facilities. Since then, 21 insertions have been made in different time periods and a big part of the municipal archives has been collected.

Selections, clearances and final conservation

No selection and clearance has been done.

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Classification system

The archive was classified according to the common/diachronic organization plan - organization chart of the services and departments of Volos Municipality (Pagasae), which is the result of parameterisation of the Service Organisations. The internal file classification has been done accordingly, alphabetically, thematically and chronologically.

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Access limits

The Record of the Municipality of Volos belongs to the category of municipal records governed according to the provisions of the law 1945/91

Reproduction limits

According to the conditions set by the Regulation of the Archive operation of the Volos Center for History and Documentation.

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Access Points

Collective Body

Aghia Paraskevi Commune of Volos
Agios Georgios Baksedon Commune of Volos
Municipality of Volos - Archives
Municipality of Volos - Cashier Office
Municipality of Volos - City Council Secretariat Office
Municipality of Volos - Cleaning Department
Municipality of Volos - Correspondent of OGA (Agriculture Insurances Organization) Office
Municipality of Volos - Director ‘s Office
Municipality of Volos - Mayor ‘s Office
Municipality of Volos - Municipal Roll Office
Municipality of Volos - Organization
Municipality of Volos - Procurement Office
Municipality of Volos - Recruitment Office
Municipality of Volos - Revenues Office
Municipality of Volos - Staff management and organization
Municipality of Volos - Technical Department
Municipality of Volos - Watering Department Corporation οf Greater Volos
New Pagasae Commune of Volos
Volos Municipal Watering and Drains Organization
Volos Municipality. Γραφείο Στρατολογίας


Cultural Development - Volos
Demographic statistics - Volos
Demography - Volos
Economic growth - Volos
Local Government - Volos
Service for Town planning - Volos

Geographical placement

Commune of Aghia Paraskevi (Volos)
Commune of Agios Georgios Baksedon (Volos)
Commune of New Pagasae (Volos)
Volos - Culture
Volos - Economic situation
Volos – History
Volos - Local Government
Volos - Public Works
Volos - Social situation

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