The Municipal Center for History possesses today a rich archive that consists of the Volos Municipality archive (1883-1982), 46 private archives concerning directly or indirectly the city and its greater area, archives of old industrial enterprises, as well as important material of building plans, maps, aerial photos, transparencies and photos.

The library of Volos's Municipal Center for History and Documentation started operating in 1992, its aim being the collection, administration, utilization and promotion of any kind or form of printed documents.

10th issue. Special: "Tastes and Produce in Magnesian cuisine"

Dietary habits, foods, drinks, sweets, produce, tastes in other words, constitute a part of every region's history and civilization. This En Volo special covers this multi-aspect topic in four entities with articles that aim to familiarize the reader with Magnesia's traditional tastes.

The dietary habits of the ancients, as they come to light by the ongoing archaeological research at Dimini and Demetrias, Mt. Pelion and Asia Minor's traditional culinary ways, local cuisine terminology, various local fishes and other seafood, and wine and sweets are coverrd in the entity titled Tastes and Produce in Magnesian cuisine.

The interview with old owners of Tsipouradika covers the greater part of the research in Volo's tsipouradika and tsipouro -the local variety of ouzo- itself, which is completed by a brief history of the liquor. Lastly, brand name food products of the area, as well as the initiatives of the local government and guilds for the promotion of the traditional tastes of Magnesia.

The article of Kostas Anestis on cannibalism initiates a new column in the magazine, that aims to demonstrate the prospective dimensions of the special's theme. The material of the summer issue is completed with a few other topics such as the narrative of the -under publication- collection titled "Difficult Jobs" by Sotiria Stavrakopoulou, the cinema as taste, music and the tastes of the average regional Russian town, and the presentation of the audio-visual laboratory of the Architectural Engineer Department of the University of Thessaly.

The column Personalities features the Volos-born Vefa Alexiadou, of noteworthy career in the culinary sector and publishing. The Monastery of Agias Triadas (Holy Trinity) of Sourvia is presented in the column Monuments, while the issue begins with Memento and the delightful tags of old distilleries from the collection of Kostas Patrikos.

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