The Municipal Center for History possesses today a rich archive that consists of the Volos Municipality archive (1883-1982), 46 private archives concerning directly or indirectly the city and its greater area, archives of old industrial enterprises, as well as important material of building plans, maps, aerial photos, transparencies and photos.

The library of Volos's Municipal Center for History and Documentation started operating in 1992, its aim being the collection, administration, utilization and promotion of any kind or form of printed documents.

21th issue. Special: "Health Care and Social Welfare"

The 21st En Volo issue features a special on "Health Care and Social Welfare".
The special is enriched by its ccompanying articles and photographs of substance, thus indicating that the topic at hand is one that influences the quality of life and, in general terms, the social development of the area.

The special's articles focus on a -rather-historical recollection of events, the people who placed their lives on the forefront to serve their fellow man -at times of nonexistent government infrastructure-, the relevant efforts of local authorities and the church, the public awareness of such actions, and the presentation of some special features of the area's institutions.

The special is completed by a convenient local authorities and services guide, which offer our fellow citizens support on health or social matters. The number and magnitude of these agencies show that a noteworthy effort is being made on the sectors of health care and social welfare.

The issue's material is completed by its regular columns. The "Memento" column features a photo special on children's summer camps during the interwar years. These were operated on Mount Pelion by a number of social welfare institutions.The "Review" column presents Gianni's Mpania's critique on Katerinas Zoitopoulou-Maurokefalidou's book "The Children of Loneliness". The "Personalities" column presents the "portrait" of, and an especially written for En Volo article on, the outstanding local physician and academic Dimitri Trihopoulos, while the "Agenda" column addresses all the cultural and social events of the last three months, and those scheduled for the immediate future.

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