The Municipal Center for History possesses today a rich archive that consists of the Volos Municipality archive (1883-1982), 46 private archives concerning directly or indirectly the city and its greater area, archives of old industrial enterprises, as well as important material of building plans, maps, aerial photos, transparencies and photos.

The library of Volos's Municipal Center for History and Documentation started operating in 1992, its aim being the collection, administration, utilization and promotion of any kind or form of printed documents.

23nd issue (October-December 2006):
"Industrial Heritage "

Spread throughout the city, the dozens of large industrial complexes bear undeniable witness to a glorious industrial past, mostly occurring in the first half of the 20th century. The contemporary city can fortunately present notable achievements in its exploitation of this heritage in recent decades. Thus, the 23rd "En Volo" special is both contemporary and of special interest.

A dialog developed during the utilization of the European Program "Civilization 2000", under the auspices of the inter-state action "Industrial Heritage Between Land and Sea: for a European Network of Ecomuseums", was the instigation. This action lead to the constitution of work teams made up by architecture students of the Polytechnic Department of the University of Thessaly, which studied the case of the town of Volos in particular, through which the issue addresses the matter of industrial heritage management in our country. Therefore, the issue, although it focuses on, is not restricted to the greater Volos area.

Relevant to the issue's special is the subject of  the permanent columns of the magazine: the "Personalities" column render the portrait of industrialist and engineer Mihalakis Kazazis, and the "Memento" column presents a few of the items that can be deemed factual evidence of the city's industrial heritage. The "Literature" column presents a narrative by Fotis N. Vogiatzis and, lastly, the "Agenda" column, addresses, in the established by now way, social activity in the area.

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