The Municipal Center for History possesses today a rich archive that consists of the Volos Municipality archive (1883-1982), 46 private archives concerning directly or indirectly the city and its greater area, archives of old industrial enterprises, as well as important material of building plans, maps, aerial photos, transparencies and photos.

The library of Volos's Municipal Center for History and Documentation started operating in 1992, its aim being the collection, administration, utilization and promotion of any kind or form of printed documents.

3th issue. Special: "Sea"

Dedicated to the sea is the third issue of "en Volo". This is not only part of an effort to prolong the summer ambience of relaxation and carelessness, but also aims at evincing the role of the maritime element in the multi-aspect development of Volos and its environs.

Extended references to the renowned beaches of eastern Pelion aside, and to the lesser known beaches of the western Pagasetic gulf, this issue aims to examine, on the surface and at times with more detail, the relationship between Magnesia and the sea.

Starting with Volos harbor, the underlying force behind the formation and development of the town, and after addressing its history, physiognomy, and future prospects, our tribute goes on to address specific professions as well as infrastructure (the sponge industry, shipyards, lighthouses), before continuing with another great chapter, that of arts and the sea, in which photography has a profound place - worthy of special mention is the work of Stephanos Stournaras and Mixalis Pornalis, as well as the work of the seascape painters of the area-. The tribute concludes with references to the glorious water sports history of the area and to the memories of those who insist on earlier lifestyles, as those were offered by our town.

The maritime element, an indispensable part of our history, finds in the pages of our magazine the position it so rightly deserves. The reader will find, in our report, aspects that will affect him emotionally, and interest him professionally and socially. The sea was, is, and will always be, for our town, its great horizon of action, entertainment and vision.

Skimming through the pages of our reports will waken memories, account for events, and validate efforts, all while requesting of the present resident to treat them with the sensitivity due. Geographically, the town of Volos means harbor; it means the sea itself. Our tribute serves and manifests this very reality.

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