The Municipal Center for History possesses today a rich archive that consists of the Volos Municipality archive (1883-1982), 46 private archives concerning directly or indirectly the city and its greater area, archives of old industrial enterprises, as well as important material of building plans, maps, aerial photos, transparencies and photos.

The library of Volos's Municipal Center for History and Documentation started operating in 1992, its aim being the collection, administration, utilization and promotion of any kind or form of printed documents.

4th issue. Special: "Fine Arts"

Winter 2001: en Volo completes its first year of publication with an issue dedicated to the Fine Arts and the city. During the research on this subject, the texts and the information gathered were more than anticipated and as a result, the extent of the coverage is as long as the issue itself, yet without covering the topic in full.

Eventually, it can be assumed that issue attempts an approach to the subject throughout the ages from the tombs of ancient Demetriada and the folk painters in the region, to the 20th century with two main texts that cover it's whole length, with certain monographs on artists, an index of the artists-creators, reference to the most important contributors and institutions of cultural and artistic activity, and the 2002 calendar with works from the Municipal Collection of art Artifacts and from the collection donated to the Municipality of Volos by Al. K. Damtsas.

There is still a lot more to be studied and presented in relation to the topic "Volos and the Fine Arts". Thus, the research has to go on, to be completed with data from more archives and activities of other organisations of the past and of the present as well.
At the beginning of the 20th century the city witnessed a "golden era" like no other provincial city, in the field of Fine Arts. As the facts reveal, the same century has ended with a remarkable, yet different, activity that was, however, imposed from above than I of a spontaneous and private nature.

The times of culmination and abatement in artistic life that the city has witnessed remain a probably unique phenomenon to be further researched. The glorious past, the times of crisis, the the recent activity but mainly the promising future that opens up for the field of Fine Arts calls for a suitable study, research and reinforcement.

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